Healthy Jackets

It’s great making a meal with minimal effort needed, thats healthy and tastes great because you get to chill whilst the food is cooking.

– Firstly the chicken wings on the back of the plate are spicy wings from the UK supermarket store Morrisons which taste so good that I saved them for my dinner šŸ™‚ just to add an extra element flavour to the dish.


This meal consists of jacket potatoes topped with cheese. I love how the cheese melts from the heat of the potatoes and when you go to eat some you get that string of cheese hanging from your fork. I also blanched some green beans and lightly sprinkled them with some salt to bring out the flavours.

I feel like potatoes are one of the greatest versatile foods you can eat because they are sustainable and available all year round, plus there are lots of different ways you can cook them for example: jacket potatoes, roasted, boiled, wedges, mashed and fried the choices are endless.

This is a great meal for anyone who is busy and doesn’t have as much time to spend cooking, just pop the potatoes in the oven prepare the beans for blanching and all the hard work is done!

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