Review: Truly Natural Lipstick


I’ve got another review for this week which is my favourite and only lipstick, to be completely honest I am not a massive fan of coloured lip products however this lipstick is one of a few exceptions.

This lipstick is from the brand Honeybee Gardens which to my knowledge is sold in America and available to the UK on their online website they have got a great range of natural beauty products and the prices are very affordable. Items such as soap, aftershave and eye shadow which are all kind to the skin.

This lipstick colour is called desire  and they have so many others to choose from costing only $12.99 which is roughly £8.86


The packaging is a simple silver colour with the logo print of a bee on the lid, when applying the lipstick to your lips it is extremely smooth and has a long lasting gloss look that isn’t overly shiny. I also find it really moisturising which is good because it does not make my lips dry.


It is quite a classic colour but not too red so it can be worn casually and I feel like it will look good with all skin tones because the colour isn’t too strong, it is like a red colour with pink tones 🙂


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