My Baking Disaster


It was a normal day when I decided to do some baking, I weighed out all the ingredients and followed the method as I do, then when it came to finding a cake tin I realised there wasn’t one that would fit properly. Nevertheless I thought ‘I’ll just use this one surely it won’t rise that much’ anyway when I put it in the oven after about 20 minutes it had risen vastly and started pouring through the oven racks and onto the bottom of it, literally the cake batter was EVERYWHERE!!!

Anyway I still decided to let it finish baking and this is what was left :O I didn’t take any pictures of the oven as I was too busy cleaning it up.


There were some Malteasers in the cupboard which I thought would be a good cover up, so using a basic buttercream recipe I covered the entire cake then cut all the Malteasers in half and pressed each piece onto the cake. It actually looked pretty good if I’m honest and no one knew what happened in the oven πŸ˜€


*Morale of the story: if your doing something and it doesn’t turn out how you planned don’t stress because there’s always another way.


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