Benefits of Stretching

I recently realised that even though I sometimes practice basic yoga positions my body is not as flexible as I would like it to be, over the years I have become aware that there is a slight strain on my muscles if I try to do certain movements for example sitting down with my upper body folded over my legs. So I decided to set myself a little challenge to do the splits 🙂 I will be following the stretches from the Blogilates splits diagram which I’ve found to be very useful.

The benefits of stretching:

Increases flexibility

Improves your posture

Great for stress relief and relaxation

Blood is easier circulated to many parts of the body

Reduces the tension in muscles

Being flexible is a super important part of a healthy lifestyle and it is very easily achieved through consistent practice, I won’t set myself a strict deadline but I hope to be able to comfortably do the splits soon and then gradually move on to other challenging stretches.


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