A few days in Liverpool

Hey Everyone, I hope your day has been well!

So finally, many of the lockdown restrictions have lifted but travelling abroad it not quite on my list just yet. There’s still many cities to explore in the UK, so I’ll stick with that for now. We decided to go to Liverpool for a few days, for me I mostly wanted to relax and have a break from from my usual routine, which is exactly what I did.

Day 1
We arrived a little earlier than expected so that was good. We then only had a 30 minute wait until our check in time, so we just waited in the town centre outside on some steps with our suitcases taking in the new scenery. I can’t lie, when I stepped off the coach I felt a chilly breeze, and the temperature was much cooler than where we’d come from. Our hotel was a short walking distance from the town centre and close to the pier so you can imagine the wonderful views we had even though there were road works everywhere. After dropping off our bags and changing, we went out to explore the city and get something to eat.

I had a cloudy apple juice with a side of rosemary, salted fries and spaghetti Bolognese. The spaghetti was okay, a little less flavour than what I would have liked but still tasty.

Day 2
On the second day we actually planned to do more. We started the day with breakfast at Costa, funny story, I had a £20 voucher that I intended to use for our breakfast at Costa but when I went to scan it, the code didn’t work (how embarrassing). I had even printed it out and the guy behind the counter entered the numbers but it still didn’t work. We ended up not paying and got a free breakfast. I had a hot chocolate with oat milk and a sausage roll.

There was a cute store called kenji that sold Japanese inspired items from teddy bears, to snacks and stationery. I definitely had to pick up a few things. We also went to the museum, particularly the slavery museum on the 3rd floor. Honestly it was quite intense walking through there and seeing/reading everything. A lot of the information I knew already but it’s always good to be informed? We walked near the pier and I saw the biggest cruise ship, we then got the bus to the arcade, had some lunch and played a few games. Honestly, I’m such a big kid I could play on the 2p machines for hours and not get bored.

Shortly after we came back to the hotel and got ready for dinner, Liverpool actually have so many amazing restaurants, the regular ones that you seen in most places and then lots of other unique types a little bit away from the city centre. Anyway, we chose wagamamas and I tried a few different things this time. Cauliflower, chicken skewers and bao buns, honestly I was most excited for the bao buns because I’d been seeing them all over the TV and social media. I can’t lie there was a little kick of spice to it but it didn’t last long, the filling was so delicious and the actual bun was so light and fluffy. After that we walked back to the hotel, got a few snacks and had a movie night.

Day 3
The final day, we had to check out at 11am and then had a few hours before our coach would arrive. There’s not much you can do when your pulling a trolley around because it kind of gets in the way but we managed to visit another museum and get lunch before our coach was due to arrive.

And just like that, the little trip away was over, its been a while since I’ve left my home town mainly because of Corona but also because I didn’t make it a priority. Overall, I had a great time and was able to just relax and chill out, which was the main thing!!

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