Keeping Fit, this year!

Hello everyone, I hope your day has been good!

I feel like I’ve been working out consistently for a while now but definitely since the Pandemic started, and I was spending more time at home, I was able to fully prioritise working out every day and I thoroughly enjoy it. As work got a lot busier this year and I had more responsibilities, naturally I was moving around a lot more at work so I ended up reducing my workout down to 10 minutes on a work week day, this suited me perfectly, especially when I was waking up earlier and doing my workout in the mornings instead. Working out in the morning is such a great way to start the day, you instantly feel energised and awake instead of feeling groggy or listening to that inner voice that tells us to lie down a little longer.

Anyway, I’ve been jogging a lot more often and I actually really enjoy it, I don’t think I ever gave it a chance before but it is another habit I picked up from the Pandemic that has actually stayed with me. I don’t jog every week but when I do, it’s such a good feeling and I feel strong and powerful as my body moves. I’m able to push myself further whilst still being somewhat in control of my breathing.

I’ve recently been finding it difficult to workout in this heat, because it is so hot and I feel like the minute I start moving I’m going to start sweating which isn’t always ideal. But keeping a cup of water nearby and opening up the window to let in air has helped.

If anyone is stuck for fitness ideas, I’d suggest going for walks, then speed walks, then gradually build up to a light jog, stopping and starting as you need! It sounds simple because it is (if your body is able to move this way) sometimes you just need to make a start.

What’s your favourite workout?

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