Book Review: In The Flo

Hey Everyone, I hope your day has been well.

Book: In the flo, by Alisa Vitii

I feel like this book was a long time coming for me and I can’t believe it has taken so long to find something that is really inspiring in terms of being a woman and going through menstruation. I literally loved this book from beginning to end, I was most looking forward to reading about diet and exercise but truthfully was interested in all of the chapters.

Taking it back to the beginning, I don’t really remember sex ed class at school or having much of a period talk but I know it was presented as more of a daunting issue rather than being a ‘crowning achievement of evolution and reproduction’ as Alisa describes it in her book. There’s also the truth behind many myths such as Cramps are unavoidable and Being on the pill helps you regulate your period which many of us grow up hearing and believing to be true.

If you are willing to invest a little into yourself, the myflo app is great (costs less than £2) and allows you to keep track of your cycle as well as offering advice and support throughout each phase. There’s even more stuff to buy into like supplements, diet plans etc. which I guess would be useful if you have serious PMS, cramps, hormones or other symptoms that you want to reduce. Ultimately the book is saying that if you’ve ever suffered during your hormonal cycle, it didn’t need to be that way and things can get better if you work on it.

A great book for women of all ages, young or old.

Link for book is below

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I’m sharing this because I know someone out there will find it useful. I originally heard about the book from @Sophiatheherbalist over on Instagram, who has a great platform if you are interested in medical herbalists, definitely check her out.

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