Book Review: My Sister, the serial killer.

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I’ve never really been bothered by the idea of a book club but I really like the idea of sharing my reviews. Reading and reviewing a book is a way to possibly connect with people and share thoughts that maybe someone else didn’t think of. It’s also quite a personal thing, expressing your opinions about what you read and how it resonated with you. It is interesting how 1 book can create a variety of feelings, both positive and negative. It’s funny how a book can be so interesting/useful to one person but then someone else will take it in a completely different way.

This is a great book for these dark and gloomy nights as we spend more time at home. It’s not too scary however the main story line is based Ayoola being a serial killer.

The story is set in Nigeria and includes many of the dialect spoken there and you get a real sense of what certain situations described would be like in the story. It is a mixture of crime, murder, romance, work and family relationships. We are introduced to a sibling relationship right from the beginning between Korede who is the older sister and often left to clean up Ayoola’s mess. Ayoola is the younger sister and manages to get her own way because of her beauty and charms. It’s a nice storyline but I can’t say much more without spoiling the story, so give it a read!

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