Do the things you said you would!

Hello Everyone, I hope you are having a great day and the new year has been good so far.

As I wrote these words, I was lying down in my bed thinking about all the things we say we want to do buy never get round to doing. It was an early Saturday morning and I woke up the same time I would for work thinking about the tasks and projects I would like to achieve.

There’s probably one thing we all have on our mind that we would like to do and it could be anything. But we always put it off and say we’ll do it another day. It’s like we don’t believe in ourselves enough to commit but it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you want to start a YouTube channel or a podcast, phone a friend, visit a family member, take a holiday, start working on a solo project or even tidy a pile of dirty clothes, it can be done. The list might be endless but it’s not impossible, all you need is a plan and it usually just takes that one step to get the ball rolling.

I know for myself, I’d like to do a random mixture of things by the end of the year at least but I generally put it off and procrastinate on other things. I’ll think of something and it will be on my mind but I won’t actually take action. I realised that I don’t really spend enough time on myself but I often give a lot of my time and energy away.

Tips for doing what you said you would:
1. Write down one thing you would like to do, in as much detail as possible
2. Write down why you would like to do it
3. Next, write 3 steps you will take
4. Set achievable dates for things will be completed (it’s okay if it takes longer)
5. Make a start!

This is a gentle reminder because life is too short to sit around and be lazy or nervous. Whatever it is that you want to do, do it and I’m sure your future self will thank you for it x

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