Do the things you said you would!

Hello Everyone, I hope you are having a great day and the new year has been good so far.

As I wrote these words, I was lying down in my bed thinking about all the things we say we want to do buy never get round to doing. It was an early Saturday morning and I woke up the same time I would for work thinking about the tasks and projects I would like to achieve.

There’s probably one thing we all have on our mind that we would like to do and it could be anything. But we always put it off and say we’ll do it another day. It’s like we don’t believe in ourselves enough to commit but it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you want to start a YouTube channel or a podcast, phone a friend, visit a family member, take a holiday, start working on a solo project or even tidy a pile of dirty clothes, it can be done. The list might be endless but it’s not impossible, all you need is a plan and it usually just takes that one step to get the ball rolling.

I know for myself, I’d like to do a random mixture of things by the end of the year at least but I generally put it off and procrastinate on other things. I’ll think of something and it will be on my mind but I won’t actually take action. I realised that I don’t really spend enough time on myself but I often give a lot of my time and energy away.

Tips for doing what you said you would:
1. Write down one thing you would like to do, in as much detail as possible
2. Write down why you would like to do it
3. Next, write 3 steps you will take
4. Set achievable dates for things will be completed (it’s okay if it takes longer)
5. Make a start!

This is a gentle reminder because life is too short to sit around and be lazy or nervous. Whatever it is that you want to do, do it and I’m sure your future self will thank you for it x

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Love Your Job?!

Hello Everyone, I hope your Sunday has been well.

I’ve been writing a lot recently about changing to a new job and it just dawned on me how important it is that you actually enjoy what you do for your a living because the average British employee will spend 84,365 hours in our lifetime working in a job for someone else and at the end of the day if you are not happy there, enjoying what you do or passionate about it, what’s the point?

Of course we all work to earn money because we need enough money to live comfortably and do the things we enjoy in our own time, but when we’re spending 37+ hours in an environment, with other people doing specific duties it’s actually a blessing if you like all 3. And let’s not forget the location as well, travelling long distances before and after work all takes up time.

If you are sitting in traffic in the car or on public transport, make the most of that time (safely) rather than stressing, you can:

1. Listen to music
2. Phone a friend or family member
3. Read a book
4. Say affirmations
5. Plan your food shop

I don’t believe you should stay somewhere just because it is easy for you. Especially if you don’t really like your job or you have another goal or passion you would like to pursue, go for it because you’ll never know if you don’t try. No matter what age you are or how much experience you have, anything is possible and if you put in the effort to find a way to your true “passion”, chances are you’ll find what your looking for.

It’s also important to accept where you are in life and not to wait for that special job in order to like what you do, put in your best efforts and act as though you are working your dream job so that when the time comes, you will be ready.

I honestly think it takes time to figure out what you want to do and be in life and there’s so much pressure from a young age to know what you want to be when you grow up and become an adult. I also don’t believe you’ll find your dream job straight away (but you are lucky if you do!), I think we’ll all have a few interesting work experiences that we’ll look back on and appreciate when we’ve found that dream job whatever that means for you.

Thanks for reading ♥

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Comfort Zones

Hello Everyone, I hope your Sunday has been well so far.

Today I’d like to briefly talk about comfort zones and why we should seek out new experiences at any opportunity we get.

The last couple of years have been quite stressful for us all and in some respect, life was put in hold because of the pandemic and all of the restrictions, so we couldn’t fully experience new things. I’m trying to explain that being out of your comfort zone is good, although awkward and uncomfortable in the beginning, your mind is learning new tasks and skills which is actually very beneficial for the brain.

For a while I hadn’t had any major new experiences, I worked at my previous job for almost 3 years which is actually quite a long time and I was very comfortable in what I was doing and used to that environment. Changing to a new job was a bit of a shock to my system and although it’s in a similar field, many things are different and I felt like I was learning all over again. As I write this, I actually think a part of me/my brain didn’t like the change and I had a mild sense of regret for leaving my old job and having to start again. It sounds a bit dramatic but that was my thought process, I’d been working somewhere where I was super comfortable and not really out of my comfort zones. I almost felt ‘uncomfortable’ in the new environment I wasn’t used to and had to work on myself to be confident in myself and my abilities that I was in the right place and truly belonged there. Now that I’m more used to the people, environment and roles, I feel more settled and I’m getting used to it.

Comfort zone definition: a settled method of working that requires little effort and yields only barely acceptable results.

Looking back on my last job, although I did enjoy many aspects of it, there was no real room for me to progress within that role as it was a very small team and my mind was becoming quite stagnant doing the same things every single day, with little change. Starting my new job has given me new confidence in myself and made me realise and remember how important change is for our mind.

Thanks for reading ♥

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Healthy Work Life Balance

Hello Everyone, I hope you all have a great Sunday.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I recently started a new job and my hours are slightly different. In my old job, my hours had actually reduced ever so slightly due to the pandemic and so naturally I started having more time for myself before and after work which was great. Now that I’m working 8 hours a day again it’s actually been a bit of an adjustment, nothing crazy but I’m just realising how much of our time we spend working to earn a living and supporting ourselves throughout life.

Working 5 days a week is so normal, but that means you only get 2 full days to yourself to spend alone, or with family and friends.

The main point I wanted to capture for this post was about shutting off the mind and having a healthy work life balance where your mind can actually rest in the evenings and the weekends and be present on other things.

In the first few weeks of my new job, I was thinking about work a lot and I’d take these thoughts home with me and I’d be thinking about work related things over the weekend so much so that my mind didn’t really get a break. Another thing to mention is the anxiety that builds up when we are not present can impact us negativly because the mind struggles to operate in the past or future on an anxious level. I think I was thinking about work so much because everything was so new to me and I didn’t want to make any mistakes that would make me look incapable of doing the job.

Looking back, I know I was overthinking things which made me stress out a little and I’m glad that I now feel more settled in my new role, I don’t really think about work so much and I’m more present in my personal life.

It’s also important to plan activities with yourself or others so that your mind knows that now its family time, travelling time or shopping time and you can be fully present in those moments.

Get excited about your evenings and weekends and give your mind the chance to relax and enjoy life.

Thanks for reading ♥

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Affirmations in the morning.

Good Morning Everyone, I hope your day is off to a great start. It’s a little drizzly outside but it’s a Sunday and I’ll be inside so I don’t mind.

A little update on my weekday, work mornings:

I’ve started working in a new job where my hours alternate every month from 8-4 and 10-6. I’ve only worked 8-4 so far and I actually like it and I can’t really complain, but in the beginning I really felt like I was struggling to fit a meditation in, in the mornings without waking up too early.

I used to listen to a 10 minute guided meditation or relaxation music every morning before work and it was a great way to start my day feeling chilled and relaxed first thing in the morning, but as we’ve moved to autumn and the days are shorter and darker I’ve found that my body doesn’t really want to be as awake/active in the earlier mornings. It’ll be so dark in the morning when I wake up at 5.45 to be at work for 8am and although I’ve had a good night’s sleep I just want to stay cosy, lying down in my bed.

I think because I enjoy spending time with myself and working on self improvement that benefits me in a mindful way, it felt like something was missing if I didn’t make time for a meditation. So, what I’ve started doing now is listening to affirmations for 10 minutes whilst I get ready. I was into affirmations in the past for a short while but it wasn’t really something that resonated with me at the time. I think because I wasn’t truly believing in what I was saying or actually passionate about the words.

But now, I feel like affirmations in the morning sets me up right for the day and although I don’t specifically think about it throughout the day, I know it’s in my mind subconsciously when I’m making decisions or feeling a certain way, I’m reminded to stay focused on what’s important in life and kind of guided to being a better version of myself. Saying affirmations out loud is also very empowering for my mind and body because I’m putting out positive thoughts and vibes about what I actually want to attract in life and it weakens that negative voice that sometimes pops up.

I’ve linked a couple of my favourite affirmations I’ve been listening to recently in the morning.

1. POWERFUL POSITIVE Morning Affirmations for POSITIVE DAY by Jason Stephenson
2. Listen to this every morning for HIGH VIBES ALL DAY by Leeor Alexandra

I’ll also add that nothing specifically stops me from meditating in the morning, my body is simply adjusting to the darker mornings and it really takes some willpower to actually get up and commit to myself. Another thing to add is that as the seasons change, we change with them too so it is only natural that I would want to stay in bed longer when it’s dark and gloomy outside.

Thank you so much for reading ♥

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