Healthy Work Life Balance

Hello Everyone, I hope you all have a great Sunday.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I recently started a new job and my hours are slightly different. In my old job, my hours had actually reduced ever so slightly due to the pandemic and so naturally I started having more time for myself before and after work which was great. Now that I’m working 8 hours a day again it’s actually been a bit of an adjustment, nothing crazy but I’m just realising how much of our time we spend working to earn a living and supporting ourselves throughout life.

Working 5 days a week is so normal, but that means you only get 2 full days to yourself to spend alone, or with family and friends.

The main point I wanted to capture for this post was about shutting off the mind and having a healthy work life balance where your mind can actually rest in the evenings and the weekends and be present on other things.

In the first few weeks of my new job, I was thinking about work a lot and I’d take these thoughts home with me and I’d be thinking about work related things over the weekend so much so that my mind didn’t really get a break. Another thing to mention is the anxiety that builds up when we are not present can impact us negativly because the mind struggles to operate in the past or future on an anxious level. I think I was thinking about work so much because everything was so new to me and I didn’t want to make any mistakes that would make me look incapable of doing the job.

Looking back, I know I was overthinking things which made me stress out a little and I’m glad that I now feel more settled in my new role, I don’t really think about work so much and I’m more present in my personal life.

It’s also important to plan activities with yourself or others so that your mind knows that now its family time, travelling time or shopping time and you can be fully present in those moments.

Get excited about your evenings and weekends and give your mind the chance to relax and enjoy life.

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Book Review: Mindfulness Plain and Simple

Hello Everyone, I hope your day has been well!

I’ll make this a short review because there’s not much for me to write without ruining the main points of the book. This is a great book if you enjoy reading and learning about mindfulness. You’ll learn so much about the mind and hopefully take away tips and techniques that you can use throughout the day.

I recently finished reading Mindfulness, Plain & Simple, another book I had previously read. I definitely enjoyed it more the second time around and I felt like I was understanding it better because I was aware of myself more. Its a practical book where you can get involved in the mindfulness exercises at the end of each chapter, this is great because it allows you to put what you’ve just read into practice and have a greater understanding of it. Many of these exercises can be done anywhere, for example, at work, travelling or even whilst walking in the park.

It’s a fairly short book with 134 pages but it contains so much information and really breaks down mindfulness but in such a simple way. A couple of my favourite points were ‘Mindfulness simply means experiencing the moment as it is’ and ‘When living mindfully, we are naturally free from the problems, which only exist in the mind.’

This book teaches you to be present in every moment rather than getting lost in the minds thoughts. Often we dwell on the past or fear the future which can cause anxiety, frustration and worry, when this happens notice what emotions arise and then let them be, so you can come back to the moment right now!

Mindfulness can seem like a very basic thing, just sitting and being present doesn’t really seem like much but, regular practice can free your mind.

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Soothing Anxious Thoughts

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by my blog today.

In these uncertain times, it is likely that everyone has felt a sense of anxiousness throughout the recent weeks. Whether you are working from home, social distancing or a key worker, it’s a good idea to just let yourself feel and be in the moment (but try not to stay down for too long). Even if you have always been an anxious person remember, every day is different and it’s always useful to try new things. I think anxiety is something that will pop up at different stages of our lives however, learning different coping mechanisms may help you to keep it under control and ignore the negative voice in our head. Also, when we wake up each morning, we have the chance to start again and live a new day.

Try my simple tips below to hopefully ease your anxious thoughts:

  • Read a book: fiction or non fiction, just read something and get captivated by each page.
  • Go for a walk: it can be down the road or to the park and spend a little time in nature.
  • Journal your thoughts: all you need is a pen and paper to write down how you are feeling, you might even look back on it and be surprised with how you were feeling. Its also a great tool for reflecting and seeing how far you have come.
  • Listen to music: sing the lyrics out loud to your favourite artist or turn up the volume to a relaxing genre.
  • Have a little cry: sometimes we just need to let all of the emotions out.

Comment below how you soothe your anxiety.

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