3rd and final Love Lula Beauty Box 

Hi everyone, so this was my final beauty box from Love Lula, I got 3 full sized items and one sample. So far my favourite is the papaya, pineapple lip balm which smells amazing and leaves my lips so soft and I really liked the packaging for the body wash. Overall I really did like the products and I had a few favourites, so I think I’ll definitely buy the Love Lula Beauty Box again. It’s definitely worth the money and you get a range of products to try which I think is great and of course everything was natural. 

  • Unwind Body Wash £16 300ml
  • Pore Minimiser Facial Masque £7.99 50ml
  • Papaya Pineapple Lip balm £4.99 4.3g
  • Daily Moisturising Cream sample 

What beauty box should I try next??  ☺ 

2nd Love Lula Beauty Box 

Hello again, the 2nd beauty box was just as good it came with 5 items and I have to say I think this Maggie Anne nail varnish is my most favourite nail varnish ever!! I absolutely love the nude colour and it has a bit if a gel effect. It lasts maximum without chipping for 3 days which is the only down side but other than that it’s still really good. I haven’t had the chance to use any of the others yet but I know I’ll like them especially the Madara Micellar Water which is supposed to be really good for removing makeup.

  • Micellar Water £14* 100ml
  • Botanical Bodywash £8.50* 100ml
  • Skin Food £10.95* 10ml
  • Natural Marula Replenishing Face Oil £9.50* 15ml
  • Maggie Anne Nail Polish £10.50 11ml

*price for full sized items 

Review: Moroccan Clay Pore Refining Mud Mask

I brought this clay mud mask a while back and finally decided to use it, literally the minute I tore the top a sweet aroma came from the clay it reminded me of a sweet chewing gum I used to have as a  kid.


It was really nice and easy to apply to my skin, I used my fingers rubbing it in slightly, once it dried up on my face it went a bit flaky and didn’t leave my face uncomfortably tight as other face masks do. I used some warm water to wash it off and pat dried my face before rubbing in some oil. Afterwards my skin felt so smooth, refreshed and soft 🙂 the cost is £1.99 from Holland and Barretts it’s a little pricey but for very good quality and 1 sachet has at least three uses. Using any clay mask is a great way to just relax for a few moments and enjoy your own company.

Review: Lily Lolo Eyebrow Duo

Hey 🙂


So I think my eyebrows are probably my favourite part of my face to do, I really wish I had thicker eyebrows but I don’t so I just fill them in instead. I actually tried the castor oil on my eyebrows and eyelashes but it didn’t thicken or lengthen either however it did keep them moisturised and soft.


I’ve been using this eyebrow duo powder for so long now I can’t imagine using anything else. I love that it’s a powder so when applying it to your brows it can be as natural or dark regarding on what you like, I always fill mine in super dark 🙂 and it comes with the gel to keep those brows in place.


I can’t remember exactly where online I brought it but the brand Lily Lolo is sold throughout many online websites http://www.lilylolo.co.uk
It cost £7.99 and I brought it in the dark shade.


I firstly brush my eyebrows using the spooli brush and apply the powder using the angled brush which fills out my brows accurately with precision! The powder is light in texture and can be applied on heavy or natural, even though it’s a mineral powder it literally lasts all day long and washes off easily too.