Black Forest Fruit Rum Cocktail

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my blog. Today’s post is a little different from the usual food and baking. I’m sharing a refreshing, fruity cocktail that is perfect for any summer afternoon. Although it is September we are having some warmer days so why not enjoy whilst it lasts. I’m not a big drinker but this was a nice mixture of rum and the sweetness of fruit. It’s also something a little different that’s fun to make. I’ve used black forest fruits but I imagine it would taste just as good with any berries.

Recipe: Berry Rum Cocktail (10 servings)


100ml white rum

Large handful of frozen black forest fruits (blackberries, cherries, grapes and blackcurrants)

500ml water

1 lemon

5 tbsp caster sugar


  • In a jug, mix the sugar and a little water until fully dissolved.
  • Blend the berries with enough water until smooth and pour through a fine sieve into the jug.
  • Juice 1 lemon, strain, and add to the jug.
  • Pour the rum and water into the jug and stir everything together.
  • Leave in the fridge to cool and serve chilled.

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Orange and Summer Berry Slush

I think it’s really beautiful when you capture food in such a way that almost like you can taste the food or fruit in this case because it looks that good!


I’ve used;
– 2 oranges juiced
– a handful of summer berries

When the weather is warm I like to cool myself down by making myself an orange and summer berries slush.


I use frozen berries so that it’s nice and cold along with a juiced orange to help blend it all together. This slush is quick and simple to make, tastes delicious and the colour is so pretty.


Comment below your favourite slush or smoothie recipes for summer 🙂


Blueberry Cupcakes

Finally after so many years I made some blueberry cupcakes. I’ve been cooking a lot of main meals lately and I wanted to do some baking as that’s where my true love of food started.


As a kid I always remember wanting to make blueberry cupcakes after reading a recipe in a magazine. I don’t know why but I thought they would be something so amazing, however my parents never brought the blueberries so I didn’t get the chance to make them, until now!
I came across another recipe and thought ‘I’m definitely baking these’.


I hadn’t tasted a blueberry before until recently and in my opinion they have a texture similar to grapes with an extra zing of flavour 🙂 they were okay but not on the top list of my favourite fruits.


I was pleasantly surprised with them, super easy to make with extra sweetness from the berries. I love the strong potent purple colour that oozes around the remains of the berries and spreads around the cupcakes like dye.


I will definitely make these again but maybe I’ll blend the berries or use dried ones to make it a little different.