Back to blogging

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog, I know it’s been a while and I knew I would come back but I didn’t think it would be because of a virus. This COVID-19 situation has literally effected the whole world and I too am social distancing, “working” from home and only going out to pick up a few things from the shops or for a walk. Also, if possible I am hoping to volunteer in a hospital or do some part time work in a supermarket to help out whilst I can.

I’m back because I now have so much more time on my hands and blogging is a great way to keep us connected in these unusual times. As I’m writing this I have only been social distancing for 11 days and it’s already quite weird, not because I’m a super social person and I go out all the time but because the vibe and energy of life is so different now, the supermarkets are stocked but not full of essentials and if anyone dares to cough or sneeze every head turns in that direction. I guess after a few weeks, staying indoors will become the norm for all of us.

Just to end off, for people finding it really hard just take a moment to close your eyes and take 3 deep breathes, breathing out for one second longer and think about 3 things you are grateful for saying them out loud 

1. I am grateful for my family
2. I am grateful that I am still employed
3. I am grateful for my health 

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep washing those hands xx

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1 Year Blogiversary!!

WOW, I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I made my blog. I’ve posted so much stuff and it’s great to have one place where I can look back through everything.


I think it’s such an achievement that I’ve been blogging for an entire year today 🙂 I know I recently haven’t posted much but that’s just because I’ve been super busy with my uni assignments and other stuff. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for following, commenting and liking

Mini Update

So I really feel like I have been so distracted lately with life and I have not been paying as much attention to my blog as I would have liked, I don’t always get the chance to do baking throughout the week which is why I decided to incorporate Monday Quotes and a Review in my blog each week as well as a recipe. This was a good idea however I feel like the simple dynamics of my blog is changing and it is not where I would like it to be. I loved posting Monday Quotes because I found it so amazing that anyone can be inspired by just a few words and I enjoyed sharing my reviews of products with people in case they had similar views on natural/organic products like I do. Now I want to put both of these to rest for the time being and keep the main focus on food, through my studies at University I have learned so much about food and really would love to change my diet so that it is more nutritious and healthy. I will be sharing these recipes on my blog.


For now it’s goodbye until the next post 🙂