Something About Life….

There’s something about life that means you have to make the most of it, people and places are just the added bonus that you get to experience on the way. Make great memories that will last a lifetime but always remember that everything around you will one day disappear. What was your constant one day will be gone the next. As long as you put in your best efforts nobody can ask for anything more. New things will always be round the corner you just have to seek them out!


How to Become a Love Magnet

Even though initially most people are attracted to someone from their appearance there’s nothing sexier than someone who is completely content with them self and always striving to be better.

Know yourself.

Love yourself.

Value yourself.

Care for yourself.

Improve yourself.

Be true to yourself.

Listen to yourself.

Once you have mastered these steps there should be nothing stopping you from attracting the right person into your life. All you have to do is believe and you will become a love magnet but not only for relationships but great friendships too 🙂

“It’s always so easy for me to be inspired by things and write stuff like this but the main message I always want to portray is positivity, happiness and good health because I believe that being motivated in life makes you better”

                   Love AB xx