My Astrological Birthstone

All crystals have amazing healing properties we can be beneficial to our body health, not only that but they look very pretty too!! Each birthstone type is unique to the individual depending on which month they were born.

​My Birthstone: Sagittarius

Ancient Stones: amethyst, blue topaz, turquoise.

Traditional Stones: lapis lazuli and vesuvianite

Modern Stones: yellow sapphire, sagilite, ruby stone and idocrase.

There are so so so many more stones for each category but I’d be listing them all day 🙂 for best effects keep them close and wear as jewellery. You can even put the out when there’s a full moon. I’ve wanted a birthstone necklace for some time now but I’m still not sure where to buy it from. Never forget that people believe in different things, I happened to have a slight interest in healing crystals.


Comment below with any birthstone jewellery stores (uk delivery) that I should check out.

Also whats your birthstone??

10 Crystals To Improve Your Happiness

For over thousands of years people have used crystals to cure and heal the body, because crystals come from the earth when placed on the body you are able to harness the healing properties and power they contain making you feel more balanced and relaxed.


Every single crystal has it’s own special properties and energies to heal you throughout your life!

1. Citrine- helps you live in the now

2. Bloodstone- gives you energy

3. Adventurine- attracts new opportunities

4. Turquoise- helps you heal

5. Celestite- relieves stress

6. Shungite- protects against EMF (electrical magnetic energy)

7. Smoky Quartz- helps you let go

8. Carnelian- good for creativity

9. Rose Quartz- cultivates love

10. Quartz Crystal- clears the mind

Crystals can be quite pricey however just invest in what you can when you can afford to and your body will thank you. You will go through many things in your life and anyone of these crystals will help to improve the situation and they can also be beneficial to you unlocking your true meaning for life 🙂