Make The Most of Everyday.

These are 10 easy steps to follow and make the most of everyday!!

1. Wake up nice and early, taking advantage of the quiet peaceful world.

2. Eat good food, what you eat fuels your body.

3. Exercise at least 20 minutes each day for a calmer lifestyle.

4. Set one main task and accomplish it.

5. Do something you love!

6. Be present with everyone you encounter.

7. Have a little rest so your body can be refreshed.

8. Share your things, don’t be selfish, give and be joyful.

9. Embrace hope, laughter, gratitude and faith.

10. Get a goodnights sleep, tomorrow is full of opportunity and great potential so take 10 minutes to clear clutter and refresh your mind.

Benefits of Stretching

I recently realised that even though I sometimes practice basic yoga positions my body is not as flexible as I would like it to be, over the years I have become aware that there is a slight strain on my muscles if I try to do certain movements for example sitting down with my upper body folded over my legs. So I decided to set myself a little challenge to do the splits 🙂 I will be following the stretches from the Blogilates splits diagram which I’ve found to be very useful.

The benefits of stretching:

Increases flexibility

Improves your posture

Great for stress relief and relaxation

Blood is easier circulated to many parts of the body

Reduces the tension in muscles

Being flexible is a super important part of a healthy lifestyle and it is very easily achieved through consistent practice, I won’t set myself a strict deadline but I hope to be able to comfortably do the splits soon and then gradually move on to other challenging stretches.


7 Habits of Super Happy People

Your life is precious, so make happiness a habit.

Here are some steps to keep you happy…

°Tackle difficult situations directly

°Make mistakes

°Let go of your goals if you outgrow them

°Master the art of having fun

°Speak up for positive changes

°Protect your priorities

°Dedicate your life to something bigger than yourself

Happiness is good energy that enhances the lives around us!!



Are you struggling with Meditation??

Sometimes the thought of meditation can seem a bit hmmph! You might be feeling like ‘is meditation even for me?’ Well meditation is for anyone and everyone with amazing benefits that your body will thank you for.

1. Be smart about the time of day you choose to meditate for example in the morning when you initially wake up it is usually quiet, your mind is refreshed and momentarily in a peaceful state.

2. Kindly put your thoughts aside and re-center yourself if ever you feel like your mind is wondering. It is very normal for many thoughts to enter your brain, simply acknowledge them but don’t let them take over.

3. Read books, spend time with vibrant people and enjoy natures wonders, stimulate your mind with positivity so that you are aware of your consciousness.

Remember: stay consistent and be focused…

Healthy Lifestyle Tips to do Everyday!


1. Morning workout routine

2. Meditate for 5mins and gradually increase time

3. Drink mostly water and the occasional glass of fizzy pop or wine depending on your preferences

4. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables

5. Only have 1tsp or less of sugar in your hot drinks

6. Make healthy smoothies and juices (it’s so much fun)

7. 5 yoga poses


Just some tips of mine that I thought I would share with you 🙂