Book Review: 1783 Freedom

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Welcome to my second book review.

At this point in starting the review, I’m roughly 3/4 through the book and it’s been such a good read. I’m wondering how the story will end and what will happen to the main character.

Bringing it back to the beginning, the book is set in Jamaica 1783. The story is a mixture of real life and imaginary stories. The main character Nathaniel is a young 14 year old boy who’s mother and baby sister have been sold and sent away to work in a parish far away. Nathaniel is left with what seems like his only friend, Old Thomas who is a much older man who once knew freedom but now works out in the field.

From the very beginning Nathaniel is determined to rescue is family and find freedom. He is sent to England along with his owners (the Barratts) as one of them is trying to find a marriage partner. Interestingly there is a rumour about England being paved with gold and a place of no slavery but when Nathaniel arrives he realises that England isn’t really a safe place for him because he is still a slave. Its fascinating that decades ago England was thought of as a wonderful country where one could live a lavish life, seek freedom and earn wealth, even to this day England comes across as a country that is superior to others and people really want to be apart of it.

Once Nathaniel realises he is still a slave and is to be presented to another owner he tries to escape, and for a while it seems like he will. He meets another black man who is free and works as a dancer, this man is even a part of a secret society trying to end slavery. But as Nathaniel is on a mission for his freedom and to find his family he ends up getting caught and brought back to the Barretts but, he doesn’t stop there.

I’m not completely sure what age this book is aimed at but it was very informative and not uncomfortable to read even though the story is about slavery. The writer takes you on a journey and you feel like you are with Nathaniel along side his journey to freedom. It’s descriptive and very easy to picture the locations and surroundings giving the reader somewhat of an insight of life at the time.

Thanks if you read this far ☺ I won’t spoil the ending but I’m sure you’ll like it because I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it!

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I Was Inspired

Do you ever watch a show and just feel completely inspired?? Recently I’ve noticed a rise in black history shows on television and felt like doing a little post 🙂 even though you learn and ‘study’ history at school you’re never really taught the truth, which is quite sad when you think about it because how do you know where you came from? Watching Back in Time for Brixton was a real eye opener because it gave me a real understanding of what my grandparents endured when they came to this country. Not to stay stuck in the past, I really do appreciate everything they did which now allows me to live the way I do today. The UK isn’t 100% united in terms of race and probably never will be but things have certainly improved!!

Finally, do some research into your own history and see what you find out because it’s good to know where you came from ❤

Watch it on the BBC iPlayer: Back in Time for Brixton