68 things to do during this Lockdown

Hello, everyone! I hope your day is going well. I’ve just had a late lunch whilst watching a Youtube video. I have a post that should be useful for everyone!

I feel like most people have dreamed of a little time away from work and now we finally have it, we should make the most of it because this ‘lockdown’ won’t last forever. When I was told I’d be working from home I decided to make a short list of things to do for myself, and then I decided to make a post for my blog in case anyone was struggling to think of what to do and I think I’ve made a pretty good list. Social distancing is something new to all of us and rather than sit at home worrying about the future, we should make the most of the time we have now. There is no order to this list and I have put spaces in between for easier reading 🙂

1. Put your curtains to wash
2. Rearrange your wardrobe
3. Change your bed more often
4. Clean the windows and window sill
5. Clean your room (hoover and mop the floor, wipe down all the surfaces and everything on them)
6. Have a whole house spring clean and get rid of the clutter
7. Read a book
8. Start a journal
9. Learn to sew
10. Get creative: paint, draw or colour

11. Rearrange the whole house
12. Complete any DIY you’ve been putting off
13. Video call a friend or family member
14. Make meals from scratch and try new dishes
15. Clean out the kitchen cupboards
16. Learn a language using Duolingo
18. Start a blog
19. Dye your hair
20. Start a YouTube channel

21. Set up a weekly cleaning schedule (hoovering, brushing, mopping, wiping, dusting)
22. Practice meditation
23. Start a podcast
24. Clean out the fridge and freezer
25. Watch a new series
26. Look through all unopened emails
27. Listen to your favourite albums
28. Workout
29. Give yourself a mani-pedi
30. Listen to the radio

31. Make a homemade facemask
32. Listen to a podcast
33. Take photos
34. Give yourself a trim or haircut
35. Play a board game
36. Practice a new makeup look
37. Do yoga
38. Play ping-pong
39. Practice a new hairstyle
40. Sit outside and enjoy nature

41. Make a homemade lip scrub
42. Have a relaxing bath
43. Watch videos on YouTube
44. Organise your shoes and accessories
45. Watch the TV
46. Have a siesta (midday nap)
47. Steam your face using essentials oils
48. Wash you hair and do a deep treatment
49. Learn a new skill
50. Watch concerts online of your favourite artists

51. Message or text an old friend
52. Organise any letters, books or papers you have
53. Have a BBQ in the garden
54. Do a sudoku
55. Mow the lawn
56. Do a wordsearch
57. Play hangman
58. Play the word game (think of a good word and see how many words you can make from that word)
59. Trim the hedge and pull up any weeds
60. Clean the oven racks

61. Tidy the garden and hedge
62. Bake something (biscuits, flapjacks, cake, shortbread or a fruit crumble)
63. Learn to earn a passive income
64. Do a crossword
65. Do the house chores (put clothes to wash and do the dishes)
66. Upholster an item of clothing
67. Make a smoothie
68. Wash your car
69. Lastly, enjoy yourself and relax!

What are you doing to pass the time?
Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading x

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Tips for the best sleep ever 😴 

Sleeping arrangements have changed slightly for me at home and there’s a few things I actually miss about sleeping in my own room, I was just sitting on the sofa and thought of a few things that will ensure you get the best sleep ever!! 

1. Try not to eat at least 2-3 hours before you go to bed, because your body will be resting and won’t get the chance to digest the food properly.

2. Have a nice hot drink before bed preferably a herbal drink, my favourite is chamomile (though I don’t drink it every night).

3. Write down your thoughts or just hit down a few points and be reflective, then write down 3 things you want to achieve tomorrow for example:

– do some exam revision
– complete a home workout
– find a work placement 

4. Sleep in your favourite pyjamas and on fresh clean sheets, I think it’ll just make you feel better overall. 

5. Have a teddy in your bed, it may seem childish but it made us all happy as children so why not do it now! 

Thanks for reading 😁

23 things to do at home when you’re bored

Hey everyone, this is fairly random but I just thought of a few (actually 23) things to do when you’re bored at home!! I guess it’s just to pass time, if you haven’t got much to do instead of spending it online. Most people are on holiday and might not plan to do something everyday so for the days when you are at home, try some of these:

Read a book
Prepare blog posts
Try yoga
Do a word search
Paint your nails
Complete a crossword puzzle
Tidy your room
Give away clothes to charity
Play board games
Try new styles in your hair
Call/message an old friend
Do some colouring
Have a mini workout session
Bake a cake (from my recipes) 😉
Do a sudoku
Take the bin out (if needed)
Clean your bedroom window
Watch a movie
Read blogs on WordPress
Listen to your favourite cd
See how many press ups you can do
Look through a magazine
Sit in the garden