What I do in the morning!

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well (mentally, physically, spiritualy and emotionally) and making the most of this time spent at home, even if you do something small. I’ve been sticking to a new morning routine for the past month or so, some of which I would usually do after work that I thought I’d share. I would like to say that at the beginning I was quite strict with myself and I felt the need to stick to a particular routine but I’m much more relaxed now and if I don’t feel to do something, I won’t do it. I think it’s important to be kind to yourself and not overwork your body for whatever reasons.

I did do a morning routine post not long ago but I’ve changed things around a little as I’m not waking up as early and I’ve adjusted to this new way of living. I try to complete this list before 12pm or by 1pm at the latest but it just gives my body/me a sense of routine as I’m not able to fully work from home. It’s good to keep the mind stimulated and not fall into a low mindset of uncertainty, I’ve also tried to reduce my consumption of the news from the TV, radio or people because its often quite negative and can put me in a more worrying state of mind.

My morning routine
– Mini prayer
– Relax – using sound healing audio
– Read – currently The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
– Workout
– Playing the recorder
– Learning French on Rosetta Stone
– Professional/personal development – using LinkedIn Learning

How do you spend your mornings these days?

My old morning routine

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5 Steps to going vegetarian

Hello and welcome back to my blog. I hope everyone is okay and being productive with their time.

I recently went vegetarian for the first time in my life for 30 days and it was…. different! It was something that I had wanted to do from a few years ago and I was occasionally eating vegetarian meals and reducing my meat consumption and I just decided to go for it. In this post I’ll share with you how I successfully ate vegetarian meals for 30 days.

Top 5 steps for going vegetarian or changing your diet:

1. Plan, plan, plan. By this I mean to plan everything you will need in order for it to be successful. I did my research and looked through magazine recipes, recipe books and online for inspiration. I also made a list of all of the vegetables that I liked eating so that I could create my own recipes.

2. Write recipes and weekly meals. Get a notebook and plan 30+ recipes including all the ingredients needed and a step by step method so you know what to do.

3. Shopping list. At the start of each week, plan which 7 meals you are going to eat and do a shop for those items.

4. Get others involved. I live at home with my family so I was able to get my sister involved in helping me make the meals and actually taste it too, which made the whole process more fun.

5. Enjoy it. This step is all about embracing the change and sticking to your goal. Although I didn’t enjoy every meal I didn’t give up because it was something that I set out to do and it was all a part of the experience.

I would like to say that I my background is based on food, I decided to take a more practical route once I left secondary school and I studied Professional Cookery because at that time my dream was to become a cook and at a younger age, have my own food show on TV. Some time after that I decided to study Nutrition and I got my degree not long ago, my current job is in a different field but my passion for food, nutrition and good health throughout the body still remains.

Please comment below your favourite vegetarian meal so that I can try them out or any tips you have for changing your diet.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next post xx

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How to make money online

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. I hope your Thursday is going well, today I would like to share a few ideas on how to make money online. I would like to say that when it comes to making money, a sensible option is to have a job where you either earn a passive income or a monthly salary, to remove financial stresses.

So I know we are currently in lockdown and some of these ideas might not be possible at the moment but, I’ve always believed it’s good to be prepared. A lot of people right now may be worrying about many things and financial security it definitely one of them so I’ve made a basic little plan of how you can make money now and when things go back to normal. Spend time doing your own research and find what suits you best.

If you have any other ideas, please share below.

Quote by Dale Carnegie ‘An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing’

Thanks for reading x

68 things to do during this Lockdown

Hello, everyone! I hope your day is going well. I’ve just had a late lunch whilst watching a Youtube video. I have a post that should be useful for everyone!

I feel like most people have dreamed of a little time away from work and now we finally have it, we should make the most of it because this ‘lockdown’ won’t last forever. When I was told I’d be working from home I decided to make a short list of things to do for myself, and then I decided to make a post for my blog in case anyone was struggling to think of what to do and I think I’ve made a pretty good list. Social distancing is something new to all of us and rather than sit at home worrying about the future, we should make the most of the time we have now. There is no order to this list and I have put spaces in between for easier reading 🙂

1. Put your curtains to wash
2. Rearrange your wardrobe
3. Change your bed more often
4. Clean the windows and window sill
5. Clean your room (hoover and mop the floor, wipe down all the surfaces and everything on them)
6. Have a whole house spring clean and get rid of the clutter
7. Read a book
8. Start a journal
9. Learn to sew
10. Get creative: paint, draw or colour

11. Rearrange the whole house
12. Complete any DIY you’ve been putting off
13. Video call a friend or family member
14. Make meals from scratch and try new dishes
15. Clean out the kitchen cupboards
16. Learn a language using Duolingo
18. Start a blog
19. Dye your hair
20. Start a YouTube channel

21. Set up a weekly cleaning schedule (hoovering, brushing, mopping, wiping, dusting)
22. Practice meditation
23. Start a podcast
24. Clean out the fridge and freezer
25. Watch a new series
26. Look through all unopened emails
27. Listen to your favourite albums
28. Workout
29. Give yourself a mani-pedi
30. Listen to the radio

31. Make a homemade facemask
32. Listen to a podcast
33. Take photos
34. Give yourself a trim or haircut
35. Play a board game
36. Practice a new makeup look
37. Do yoga
38. Play ping-pong
39. Practice a new hairstyle
40. Sit outside and enjoy nature

41. Make a homemade lip scrub
42. Have a relaxing bath
43. Watch videos on YouTube
44. Organise your shoes and accessories
45. Watch the TV
46. Have a siesta (midday nap)
47. Steam your face using essentials oils
48. Wash you hair and do a deep treatment
49. Learn a new skill
50. Watch concerts online of your favourite artists

51. Message or text an old friend
52. Organise any letters, books or papers you have
53. Have a BBQ in the garden
54. Do a sudoku
55. Mow the lawn
56. Do a wordsearch
57. Play hangman
58. Play the word game (think of a good word and see how many words you can make from that word)
59. Trim the hedge and pull up any weeds
60. Clean the oven racks

61. Tidy the garden and hedge
62. Bake something (biscuits, flapjacks, cake, shortbread or a fruit crumble)
63. Learn to earn a passive income
64. Do a crossword
65. Do the house chores (put clothes to wash and do the dishes)
66. Upholster an item of clothing
67. Make a smoothie
68. Wash your car
69. Lastly, enjoy yourself and relax!

What are you doing to pass the time?
Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading x

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My Morning Routine

Hi and welcome back to my blog, today’s post is all about my morning routine. Now that I am working from home, I’m so much more relaxed in the mornings because I don’t have to rush and leave out for work.

I naturally have been waking up quite early, around 6.30am and lay in my bed for a while. It’s like my body doesn’t feel tired at all and I don’t bother trying to go back to sleep. Having a good morning schedule is so important for your day because it sets the tone to how your how day will go. My routine is below, not always in this order but it gives you an idea of how I start my day.

  • Say a mini morning prayer
  • Say affirmations in the mirror
  • Listen to a guided meditation or relaxation music for 10-20 mins
  • Brush my teeth and wash my face
  • Read a few pages of a book (currently: My Sister the serial killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite which I really enjoyed reading because of the twist at the end)
  • Make my bed
  • Workout for 1 hour
  • Get washed
  • Have breakfast

My phone is definitely used during this time to respond to any emails and I might also listen to the radio or put some music on. Starting the day right sets you up for having a positive, productive day and you’ll feel great afterwards.

Is there anything else I could be doing? Leave suggestions below

Thanks for reading x

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