Why You Should Massage Your Head

A massage in general will have many holistic health benefits but specifically massaging the head is good for many reasons the main two being:

Increases blood flow which can stimulate the hair follicles making the hair grow faster

Helps with fatigue, stress and headaches

The head massage should be slow and deep, physically moving the scalp with your fingers in order to stimulate blood flow. There are also certain essential oils which bode well with head massages and have other benefits.

Tea tree, soothes a dry itchy scalp

Lemon, helps control dandruff

Peppermint, acts as a natural cleanser


*always check the instructions for how to use essential oils as many of them are usually mixed with carrier oils before using.

Uses for vanilla essential oil

The one that I have is actually blended with jojoba oil and sunflower oil but it still has that sweet vanilla scent when I use it.

Essential oils can literally be added to so many beauty products homemade or not such as:


You can add a few drops (5-6) to your bath water for an extra relaxing bath with aromatherapy benefits 🙂 they can also be added to carrier oils if neat and used for body massaging. Essential oils can be mixed in with homemade air fresheners for a light fragrant smell.

There are actually over 90 essential oils each with there own health benefits and they are sold in many shops, this one was from Holland and Barratts for £5.99 the vanilla essential oil has a comforting scent and can reduce the thoughts of stress and anxiety through it’s soothing qualities.

Daily Scalp Massage

Thought I would do a post to raise awareness to National Stress Awareness Day (which is today), it’s something that I find particularly important because getting stressed is so easy but it’s much more difficult to de-stress and find the right balance.

Massage your scalp daily for 5-10 minutes in the morning or night.

avocado oil
Coconut oil
Castor oil
Grapeseed oil
Almond oil
Jojoba oil

using the balls of your fingers, add any oil of your choice to different parts of your scalp and rub in circular motions.

Slow movements = relaxation
Fast movements = enhanced circulation in the scalp

Decreases stress
Conditions the scalp
Increased relaxation
Increased blood circulation to hair follicles
Boosts the strength of hair roots