Mini PHB Ethical Beauty haul 

I absolutely love what this company stands for, they are all about natural, organic products that are free from all those bad stuff. The company is a family run business and they even donate a percentage of the profit to a charity 🙂 so nice.

My makeup is really simple and I don’t wear too much, mostly around my eyes but I thought I would try wearing blusher again like I used too. My current foundation was almost finished so I needed a new one and I decided to try a new bb cream.

Botanical BB Cream: £18.95 shade Cocoa

Mineral Foundation: £15.95 shade cinnamin

Pressed Mineral Blusher: £14.95 shade Peony

Review: Lily Lolo Eyebrow Duo

Hey 🙂


So I think my eyebrows are probably my favourite part of my face to do, I really wish I had thicker eyebrows but I don’t so I just fill them in instead. I actually tried the castor oil on my eyebrows and eyelashes but it didn’t thicken or lengthen either however it did keep them moisturised and soft.


I’ve been using this eyebrow duo powder for so long now I can’t imagine using anything else. I love that it’s a powder so when applying it to your brows it can be as natural or dark regarding on what you like, I always fill mine in super dark 🙂 and it comes with the gel to keep those brows in place.


I can’t remember exactly where online I brought it but the brand Lily Lolo is sold throughout many online websites
It cost £7.99 and I brought it in the dark shade.


I firstly brush my eyebrows using the spooli brush and apply the powder using the angled brush which fills out my brows accurately with precision! The powder is light in texture and can be applied on heavy or natural, even though it’s a mineral powder it literally lasts all day long and washes off easily too.


Review: Mineral Foundation


This was my first ever powder foundation that I brought from PHB Ethical Beauty. The cost of it was £18.95, the colour is cinnamon and they have a range of colours to suit most skin types but mainly paler tones.

I would really recommend checking out their website and having a good read because they have lots of information about the ingredients used in their products and also what they don’t use!

Even though I don’t wear makeup every single day I still want the best for my skin when I am wearing foundation. I mostly use the mineral foundation over my concealer around my eyes in attempt to cover up the dark circles and it works really well, only on special occasions do I apply it to my entire face to get that smooth full coverage.

The foundation is so light in terms of texture and blends in with my skin tone giving me a really natural appearance.




All you have to do is twist and gently shake to release the foundation onto the lid.


You choose how much you want to be released from the container which is super cute and small making it easy to carry around in your bag.


I really love that the bottom of it is see through so you get to see the exact colour, what it looks like and how much you have left.

*The only negative which really applies to all loose powders is that it can be a bit messy and fall onto your clothes so my advise is to do your makeup before getting dressed or wear a robe 🙂

Review: Truly Natural Lipstick


I’ve got another review for this week which is my favourite and only lipstick, to be completely honest I am not a massive fan of coloured lip products however this lipstick is one of a few exceptions.

This lipstick is from the brand Honeybee Gardens which to my knowledge is sold in America and available to the UK on their online website they have got a great range of natural beauty products and the prices are very affordable. Items such as soap, aftershave and eye shadow which are all kind to the skin.

This lipstick colour is called desire  and they have so many others to choose from costing only $12.99 which is roughly £8.86


The packaging is a simple silver colour with the logo print of a bee on the lid, when applying the lipstick to your lips it is extremely smooth and has a long lasting gloss look that isn’t overly shiny. I also find it really moisturising which is good because it does not make my lips dry.


It is quite a classic colour but not too red so it can be worn casually and I feel like it will look good with all skin tones because the colour isn’t too strong, it is like a red colour with pink tones 🙂


Leave any comments below!!

My Beauty Interests

Hi everyone 🙂 so this is more of an introductory post to my beauty interests that I thought I’d share with you, I’ll try to do a review/favourites post each week to give an idea on what I use and where to get them from!!

Okay for just over a year I’ve been using mostly organic/natural products, this includes items like: makeup, nail varnish, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, hair stuff etc I watched a video by Heather White (which I’ve previously mentioned in a post) which basically changed my opinions on the products I use.

I can’t lie sometimes I feel like I spend a ridiculous amount of money on makeup and I just want to go to a regular drug store and buy something much more affordable but I hope my body appreciates it and I just want to put only the best on my skin.

‘Always remember that your skin is the largest organ on your body and it absorbs EVERYTHING’

There are certain chemicals (ingredients) that I would definitely recommend to avoid because they will have negative effects on your body when overly used, probably not some crazy noticeable however you do hear about bad reactions to hair dye and make up in the newspaper.

Try to avoid:
– fragrance or parfum
– PEG and polyethylene
– ceteareth
– DMDM hydantoin
– diazolidinyl
– imidazolidinyl urea

Fragrance can contain 100s of chemicals and trigger allergic reactions, whilst the others can have harmful contaminants.

On a lighter note, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and thank you for reading 😀