Why Music is So Awesome ­čÄÂ┬á

Hello everybody, I’m going to tell you why music is good with these scientifically proven reasons…

  • Music sets off those positive feelings in your body.
  • Emotional music can be helpful when times are difficult. Why not make a sad playlist?
  • Music builds connections with friends especially when you like the same genre. 
  • Music can help to reduce your anxiety, your body allows you to build a connection with the song when you listen to the words. 
  • Music is AWESOME, you can literally listen to it at any time of the day loud or quiet and the best thing is to get your hair brush and dance ­čĺâ ­čĺâ 

7 Habits of Super Happy People

Your life is precious, so make happiness a habit.

Here are some steps to keep you happy…

┬░Tackle difficult situations directly

┬░Make mistakes

┬░Let go of your goals if you outgrow them

┬░Master the art of having fun

┬░Speak up for positive changes

┬░Protect your priorities

┬░Dedicate your life to something bigger than yourself

Happiness is good energy that enhances the lives around us!!