Top favourite songs!!

A slightly different post here for you today but still a great read 😊 have a good day!

1. Not in love by M.O

2. Bist du down by Ace Tee 

3. We found love by Lindsey Stirling (VenTribe) 

4. The worst by Jhene Aiko

5. Sicko by Raleigh Ritchie 

6. Distraction by Kehlani 

7. Tru by Lloyd

8. HUMBLE by Kendrick Lamar 

So these are my current, favourite songs and artists that I’m really liking at the moment. They each come from different parts of the world with their own style of music Comment below if you listen to any of these artists πŸ‘‡ Β 

Why Music is So Awesome 🎢 

Hello everybody, I’m going to tell you why music is good with these scientifically proven reasons…

  • Music sets off those positive feelings in your body.
  • Emotional music can be helpful when times are difficult. Why not make a sad playlist?
  • Music builds connections with friends especially when you like the same genre. 
  • Music can help to reduce your anxiety, your body allows you to build a connection with the song when you listen to the words. 
  • Music is AWESOME, you can literally listen to it at any time of the day loud or quiet and the best thing is to get your hair brush and dance πŸ’ƒ πŸ’ƒ