I Was Inspired

Do you ever watch a show and just feel completely inspired?? Recently I’ve noticed a rise in black history shows on television and felt like doing a little post 🙂 even though you learn and ‘study’ history at school you’re never really taught the truth, which is quite sad when you think about it because how do you know where you came from? Watching Back in Time for Brixton was a real eye opener because it gave me a real understanding of what my grandparents endured when they came to this country. Not to stay stuck in the past, I really do appreciate everything they did which now allows me to live the way I do today. The UK isn’t 100% united in terms of race and probably never will be but things have certainly improved!!

Finally, do some research into your own history and see what you find out because it’s good to know where you came from ❤

Watch it on the BBC iPlayer: Back in Time for Brixton

Ready Steady Cook!

Ready steady cook was one of my favourite shows to watch when I would come home from school. I always used to think it was so cool and creative how they would make such delicious looking meals with a random bunch of ingredients.


I decided to make something simple and most of these ingredients you’ll probably have in your kitchen (or could easily be replaced)


Once the pork is almost cooked put on the spaghetti and sugar snaps and you dinner is almost ready 🙂


This was such a wonderful meal for the family however I wasn’t that keen on the sugar snaps but I still ate them.


What would you make with these ingredients? Comment below…